Youth Olympic Qualifying Events

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is pleased to announce that the 2018 BASA LC National Swimming Championships (Feb 27 – Mar 4) as well as the 27th Aquatic Centre International (May 25 – 27) have both been approved by FINA as official qualifying events for the Youth Olympic Games, taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October.

Aunty Mads – A Special Tribute by Nicki Hunte

Aunty Mads – A Special Tribute by Nicki Hunte

Aunty Mads, Swim Coach to Countless – December 10th, 2017 – by Nicki Hunte.

Yesterday, Saturday 9th of December 2017, the swimming fraternity lost a long-standing and beloved member of the family. We are sorry to share the news that our dear friend Madelaine Mercure is no longer with us. In addition to being a swim coach, Madelaine was also part of the Aquatic Centre’s first management team in the early 1990s.


For over 27 years, Madeline and Nicki Hunte together ran the Pirates Learn to Swim Club. This fit with her love of water as she was also a huge sailing enthusiast. Her approach to running the club was always very professional, feeling a real sense of responsibility for the task parents were entrusting the club with. Her dedication showed by her unwillingness to ever cancel a class, so on several occasions classes were taught through heavy showers, and storms, even if only one child attended. Her generous and compassionate nature was reflected when any parent had financial difficulty, the child was never turned away. She really loved children and genuinely wanted to see them succeed and be equipped with the vital skill of knowing how to swim.


Madeline found she had a special place in her heart for the youngest children. In 1999 this led to her beginning an innovative new Parent-Toddler swim class that allowed little ones to become water safe. Every Saturday morning she could be seen heading into the Aquatic Center, a huge bag of noodles on her a shoulder, a smile on her face and an eagerness to get the classes started. Because of her drive to teach, countless Barbadians are now well equipped to take on the water, whether in a competitive or recreational capacity.


Madeline was forced into retirement because of her illness, she knew that she had to put every ounce of energy into trying to get well. She knew she would not be able to keep up the level of commitment and passion needed to run the club through this difficult time. It is on this very sad day that we announce that she has lost that battle, and has now sailed on.

2017 Goodwill Swim Team

2017 Goodwill Swim Team

The Barbados team for the 2017 Goodwill Swim Meet has been ratified, and final preparations are underway for the event which will be held from August 18 to 21, at the National Aquatic Centre in Liliendaal, Guyana.


8 & Under Age Group

GIRLS: Rylan Marville, Jaiya Simmons, Allysa Roachford, Xian Trotman

BOYS: Matthew DaCosta-Hinds, Chaddain Sandiford, Jun Mikami, Tariq Greenidge


9 – 10 Age Group

GIRLS: Kenyah Deane, Heidi Baker, Chelsie Deane, Toni Walrond

BOYS: Khaleb Gaskin, Amani Millar, Charlie, Williams, Joshua Ross


11-12 Age Group

GIRLS: Amelie Baker, Kyla Beckles, Takiyah Weekes, Adara Stoddard

BOYS: Cian Hickey


13-14 Age Group

GIRLS: Shirkeitha Hunte, Chara Hinds, Zoe Taylor, Nyomi Boxhill

BOYS: Eric Lashley, Niel Skinner, Jack Kelshall, Nathaniel Roach


15-17 Age Group

GIRLS: Rebecca Lashley

BOYS: Keon Jessamy, Matthew Mayers, Kyron Richards, Xavier Straughn



HEAD COACH: Darny Olalde Hernandez

ASSISTANT COACHES: Ancille Inniss, Russell Walton

TEAM MANAGER: Trisha Millar

CHAPERONES: Kathleen Beckles, Anthony Walrond, Gail-Ann Weekes

Bajan Swimmers 5th Overall at CCCAN 2017

Bajan Swimmers 5th Overall at CCCAN 2017

Barbados’ aquatic fraternity can be proud of the stellar performance of our swim team at CCCAN 2017 in Trinidad! The team brought home a total haul of 31 medals (Individual: 9 gold, 8 silver, 10 bronze. Relay: 4 bronze), 1 new CCCAN Record, 1 new National Bdos Record, and 8 new Bdos Age Group Records. Collectively our swim team placed 5th overall, out of a total of 23 Caribbean and Central American countries.

Below is a breakdown of the team’s accomplishments:

11-12 Age Group

Zachary Taylor

  • SILVER in 200m Breast (2:39.54)
  • BRONZE in 50m Breast (34.35)
  • SILVER in 100m Breast (1:14.61)

Kai Trotman

  • BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record in 50m Free (26.65)

Aza Dunwoody

  • Bdos Age Group Record in 50 Fly (30.80)
  • SILVER in 200m Fly (2:34.84)

Keliani Talma

  • BRONZE in 200m Fly (2:35.60)


13-14 Age Group

Nkosi Dunwoody

  • GOLD & Bdos Age Group Record in 200m Breast (2:28.19)
  • SILVER in 400m IM (4:50.97)
  • SILVER in 200m IM (2:16.69
  • GOLD & Bdos Age Group Record in 50m Breast (30.95)
  • SILVER in 100m Breast (1:09.48)

Tristan Pragnell

  • SILVER in 200m Back (2:15.80)

Danielle Titus

  • BRONZE in 50m Back (31.45)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (1:07.21)
  • GOLD in 200m IM (2:28.95)
  • GOLD, CCCAN Record & Bdos Open Record in 200m Back (2:22.39)

Ashley Weekes

  • BRONZE in 100m Breast (1:19.21)


15-17 Age Group

Jack Kirby

  • GOLD in 50m Back (27.23)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (58.12)
  • SILVER in 200m Back (2:08.22)

Luis-Sebastian Weekes

  • BRONZE in 200m IM (2:10.93)
  • BRONZE in 100m Breast (1:06.75)


18 & Over

Alex Sobers

  • BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record in 400m Free (4.00.17)

Christopher Courtis

  • GOLD in 50m Back (26.48)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (57.14)
  • BRONZE in 200m Back (2:09.14)

Lani Cabrera

  • BRONZE in 200m Free (2:10.75)



11-12 Mixed 200m Relay: Bdos Age Group Record (1:53.03) – Z. Taylor, A. Deane, A. Dunwoody, K. Trotman

13-14 Mixed Relays: Bdos Age Group Record (1:49.38) – M. Clarke, D. Titus, A. Weekes, N. Dunwoody

11-12 Girls 400m Freestyle Relay: BRONZE (4:19.38) – A. Deane, K. Talma, K. Renwick, A. Dunwoody)

11-12 Boys 400m Freestyle Relay: Bdos Age Group Record (4:08.66) -C. Pollard, K. Trotman, O.Sealy, Z. Taylor

12-14 Girls 400m Freestyl Relay: BRONZE (4:10.85) – A. Weekes, Z. Gaskin, D. Treasure, D. Titus

11-12 Boys 400m Medley Relay: BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record (4:35.17) – C. Pollard, Z. Taylor, O. Sealy, K. Trotman

15-17 Boys 400m Medley Relay: BRONZE (4:02.60) – J. Kirby, J. Walrond, L-S. Weekes, D. St.Prix


2017 BASA Open Water Classic

2017 BASA Open Water Classic

Despite the windy conditions, swimmers got to enjoy a bright and sunny morning of swimming in Carlisle Bay, for the 2017 BASA Open Water Classic 5K and 1.25K races.

17 competitors participated in the 5K race, including CCCAN open water swimmers Nathaniel Roach, Eric Lashley & Danielle Clarke. Young Nathaniel & Eric led the men the entire race, and were first to hit the board at the end with times of 1:10.17 and 1:10.23 respectively. Danielle was the first female to cross the finish line with a time of 1:18.15.

In the 1.25K race a total of 50 swimmers took to the crystal blue waters of Carlisle Bay. On the men’s side the pack was led the entire race by the foursome of Luis-Sebastian Weekes, Jack Kirby, Nkosi Dunoody and Karsten Marsten, who subsequently finished in that same order (15.56, 16.05, 16.08, & 16.22) . The ladies were brought home by Danielle Treasure in a time of 19.59, with Takiyah Weekes (20.08) & CCCAN open water swimmer Amelie Baker (20.09) taking second and third respectively.

Here are the complete age group results and times for the day’s events.


View more images from the day on our Facebook page.


CCCAN 2017 – The Barbadian team has been announced!

CCCAN 2017 – The Barbadian team has been announced!

BASA is pleased to announce that the 2017 aquatic sport teams representing Barbados at CCCAN have been confirmed. Below is the list of athletes selected for the swimming, open water, synchronized swimming and water polo teams. CCCAN is being held in Trinidad from June 28 – July 3, 2017. We wish all of our teams the very best of luck!




Lani Cabrera (18 & over)

McKayla Treasure (15-17)

Danielle Titus (13-14)

Ashley Weekes (13-14)

Danielle Treasure (13-14)

Zahra Gaskin (13-14)

Aza Dunwoody (11.-12)

Keilani Talma (11-12)

Adia Deane (11-12)

Kayla Renwick (11-12)



Alex Sobers (18 & over)

Christopher Courtis (18 & over)

Jack Kirby (15-17)

Luis Sebastian Weekes (15-17)

Damon St. Prix (15-17)

Jumar Walrond (15-17)

Nkosi Dunwoody (13-14)

McCallum Clarke (13-14)

Tristan Pragnell (13-14)

Roan Baker (13-14

Christopher Pollard (11-12)

Zachary Taylor (11-12)

Omari Sealy (11-12)

Kai Trotman (11-12)


HEAD COACH: Darny Olalde Hernandez

ASSISTANT COACH: Antonio Martinez-Petrolanda

TEAM MANAGER: Andrea Titus

CHAPERONE: Merville Sealy




Amelie Baker (12-13 women)



Danielle Clarke (14-17 women)

Rebecca Lashley (14-17 women)

Eric Lashley (14-17 men)

Nathaniel Roach (14-17 men)


COACH: Aisha Norville

TEAM MANAGER: Samantha Clarke

CHAPERONE: Matthew Lashley



Gracie Foster (11-12 solo, routine & figures)

Erika Loustic (13-15 solo, routine & figures)


HEAD COACH: Kiera Bloom





James Edghill

Britain Ellis

Shane Evelyn

Andre Ferdinand

Russell Broome-Webster

Gabriel Mayers

Adrian Cummins

Akeem Nurse

Stanley Brooker

Ryan Forde

Gabriel Mayers

Liam Manning

Cary Banfield



Abijah Beckles

Nathan James

Lamar Mayers

Gabriel Mayers

Jonathan Bryan

Dave Searles

Anij Brewster

Luke Kelshall

Xavier Smith-Taylor

Darien Maynard

Tyrese Beckles


HEAD COACH: Ryan Forde


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