Barbados Aquatics Team for Carifta 2018

Barbados Aquatics Team for Carifta 2018

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is pleased to announce our National Aquatics Team for the upcoming Carifta 2018  Championships, taking place in Jamaica on March 14th until April 4th.



Under 16 Male / Female: Fozlo Brewster, Kayla Smith, Anij Brewster, Adonia Marshall, Jack Trevochka, Rihanna Phillips, Sebastian Mayers, Rheanna Walcott, Sumara Benn, Hannah Trotman, Tyra Alleyne, Kirus Layne, Nevaeh Barnett-Waithe

19 & Under Male: Abijah Beckles, Gabriel Mayers, Tyrese Beckles, Darian Maynard, Christian Best, Xavier Smith-Taylor, Jonathan Bryan, Sebastian Mayers, Nathan James, Darian Trotman, Lamar Mayers, Luke Kelshall, Anij Brewster.

19 & Under Female: Thea Beckles, Nevaeh Barnett-Waithe, Shannan Smith, Adonia Marshall, Amber McKenzie, SaraSpringer, Tyra Alleyne, Sumara Benn, Kayla Smith, Destiny Bain-Sonny,  Rowena Williams, Suann Spencer, Rihanna Phillips.

Coaches: Ryan Ford, Akeem Nurse, Natalia Parris

Official Referee: Luke St. John

Team Manager: Wayne Beckles

Team Chaperone: Juliet Springer



11-12 Girls: Amelie Baker, Adia Deane, Milli-Jo MacDonald & Adara Stoddard

11-12 Boys: Omari Sealy

13-14 Girls: Aza Dunwoody, Keilani Talma, Danielle Treasure & Zahra Gaskin,

13-14 Boys: Roan Baker, McCallum Clarke, Niel Skinner & Tristan Pragnell

15-17 Girls: Danielle Titus, Kyra MacDonald

15-17 Boys: Nkosi Dunwoody, Jack Kirby, Luis Sebastian Weekes & Jumar Walrond

Head Coach: Darny Olalde Hernandez

Assistant Coach: Ancille Inniss

Team Manager: Andrea Titus

Team Chaperone:  Merville Sealy



14-15 Girls: Danielle Clarke, Chara Hinds & Kayla Renwick

14-15 Boys: Eric Lashley & Niel Skinner

16-18 Girls: Shirkeitha Hunte & Ashley Weekes

16- 18 Boys: Nkosi Dunwoody

Head Coach: Darny Olalde Hernandez

Assistant Coach: Ancille Inniss

Team Manager: Samantha Clarke

Team Chaperonne: Matthew Lashley



13-15 Girls: Samaiyah  Forde, Gracie Foster, Nia Morris & Hailey Mahy

15-18 Girls: Erica Loustric

Head Coach: Kiera Bloom

Team Manager: Simone Morris

BASA Celebrates Aquatics in 2017

BASA Celebrates Aquatics in 2017

The BASA Awards Ceremony for the 2017 aquatics season took place on Sunday February 25th at the Radisson Aquatica Resort. The event kicked off with a Welcome Address by Mr. Tony Selby (BASA President) and an inspirational speech by one of the founders of the Aquatic Centre, Mr. Maurice Foster. The Aquatic Centre celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2017, and Mr. Foster shared the stories and experiences that led to the development of the facility.

The evening also included a presentation by Guest Speaker Mr. Erskine Simmons (Secretary General of the Barbados Olympic Association).


The Awardees for the 2017 aquatics season are as follows:



The Leah Martindale Trophy for Most Valuable Swimmer: Danielle Titus

The Victor Norville Memorial Trophy for Best Overall Swim: Jack Kirby

Best Female Open Water Performance: Danielle Clarke

Best Male Open Water Performance: Eric Lashley


Women’s 18 & Under

The Most Improved Player: Suann Spencer

The Most Committed Player: Thea Beckles

Men 18 & Under

The Most Improved Player: Tyrese Beckles

The Most Committed Player: Nathan James

MEN 16 & Under

The Most Improved Player: Darien Maynard

The Most Committed Player: Anij Brewster

14 & Under Mixed Team

The Most Improved Player: Rihanna Philips

The Most Committed Player: Fozlo Brewster

The Coach of the Year:  Ryan Forde


Best Overall Female Performance: Lani Cabrera

Best Overall Male Performance: Alex Sobers

Most Valuable Swimmer: Nkosi Dunwoody

Best Female Open Water Performance: Amelie Baker

Best Male Open Water Performance: Nathaniel Roach



Most Improved Swimmer: Samaiyah Forde

Best Performance of the Year: Erica Loustric

Coach of the Year: Kiera Bloom


Best Overall Female Performance: Danielle Titus

Best Overall Male Performance: Jack Kirby



Best Overall Female Performance: Danielle Titus

Best Overall Male Performance: Jack Kirby



Best Overall Female Performance: Lani Cabrera

Best Overall Male Performance: Alex Sobers



Most Valuable Female Swimmer: Rebecca Lashley

Most Valuable Male Swimmer: Niel Skinner

 Most Motivated Swimmer: Xian Trotman



This award is given to an individual who selflessly made a significant contribution to the sport, their Association and Clubs for 2017.  The individual receiving this award for 2017 is a constant presence at all local swim meets as either a timer or chief timer and is always willing to go where help is needed.  He has also been instrumental in the development of open water swimming in Barbados over the past few years.  He accompanies our swimmers on every practice to ensure their safety and keeping them on course.  He served as part of the management team for the 2017 CCCAN championships and was brought in by Trinidad to assist as part of the open water safety crew for the 5KM event.


SONIA O’NEAL made her official debut in officiating when she attended an officials’ course held at the Gymnasium in support of the 1998 Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships hosted by Barbados to develop officials for that occasion. She continued her development as a swimming Referee and Judge, officiating at all local competitions, travelling to officiate at the Carifta Swimming Championships, Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships and the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Championships annually.  During that time she attended several clinics and was accredited as a FINA International Body Official from the year 2000. She officiated at several FINA sanctioned events, including the World Championships and World Junior Championships.

Sonia continues to assist the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association with the development of officials and management of locally held swimming competitions. She also travels to sister islands to assist with the management and organization of their events.

Sonia is currently the Chair of the UANA Swimming Technical Committee, and has recently been selected as a member of the International Body – FINA Technical Swimming Committee.

To add to all of this, Sonia has also served local aquatics in an administrative capacity, having been President of the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association for 12 years – (2000-2012); and President of Alpha Sharks Swim Club for 2 years (1998-2000).  She is currently the Treasurer of the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Federation


SWIMMING COACH OF THE YEAR: Antonio Martinez-Petrolanda

Coach Tony has been committed to and involved with the development of swimming in Barbados for over 20 years. He has travelled as the National Coach with swim teams to numerous events around the globe, and in 2017 was the Head Coach for the teams travelling to Carifta in the Bahamas, CCCAN in Trinidad and the FINA World Championships in Budapest. He also successfully led his local team to another victory at the Aquatic Centre Invitational in May 2017.


SPONSOR OF THE YEAR: Purity Bakeries






Youth Olympic Qualifying Events

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is pleased to announce that the 2018 BASA LC National Swimming Championships (Feb 27 – Mar 4) as well as the 27th Aquatic Centre International (May 25 – 27) have both been approved by FINA as official qualifying events for the Youth Olympic Games, taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October.

Aunty Mads – A Special Tribute by Nicki Hunte

Aunty Mads – A Special Tribute by Nicki Hunte

Aunty Mads, Swim Coach to Countless – December 10th, 2017 – by Nicki Hunte.

Yesterday, Saturday 9th of December 2017, the swimming fraternity lost a long-standing and beloved member of the family. We are sorry to share the news that our dear friend Madelaine Mercure is no longer with us. In addition to being a swim coach, Madelaine was also part of the Aquatic Centre’s first management team in the early 1990s.


For over 27 years, Madeline and Nicki Hunte together ran the Pirates Learn to Swim Club. This fit with her love of water as she was also a huge sailing enthusiast. Her approach to running the club was always very professional, feeling a real sense of responsibility for the task parents were entrusting the club with. Her dedication showed by her unwillingness to ever cancel a class, so on several occasions classes were taught through heavy showers, and storms, even if only one child attended. Her generous and compassionate nature was reflected when any parent had financial difficulty, the child was never turned away. She really loved children and genuinely wanted to see them succeed and be equipped with the vital skill of knowing how to swim.


Madeline found she had a special place in her heart for the youngest children. In 1999 this led to her beginning an innovative new Parent-Toddler swim class that allowed little ones to become water safe. Every Saturday morning she could be seen heading into the Aquatic Center, a huge bag of noodles on her a shoulder, a smile on her face and an eagerness to get the classes started. Because of her drive to teach, countless Barbadians are now well equipped to take on the water, whether in a competitive or recreational capacity.


Madeline was forced into retirement because of her illness, she knew that she had to put every ounce of energy into trying to get well. She knew she would not be able to keep up the level of commitment and passion needed to run the club through this difficult time. It is on this very sad day that we announce that she has lost that battle, and has now sailed on.

2017 Goodwill Swim Team

2017 Goodwill Swim Team

The Barbados team for the 2017 Goodwill Swim Meet has been ratified, and final preparations are underway for the event which will be held from August 18 to 21, at the National Aquatic Centre in Liliendaal, Guyana.


8 & Under Age Group

GIRLS: Rylan Marville, Jaiya Simmons, Allysa Roachford, Xian Trotman

BOYS: Matthew DaCosta-Hinds, Chaddain Sandiford, Jun Mikami, Tariq Greenidge


9 – 10 Age Group

GIRLS: Kenyah Deane, Heidi Baker, Chelsie Deane, Toni Walrond

BOYS: Khaleb Gaskin, Amani Millar, Charlie, Williams, Joshua Ross


11-12 Age Group

GIRLS: Amelie Baker, Kyla Beckles, Takiyah Weekes, Adara Stoddard

BOYS: Cian Hickey


13-14 Age Group

GIRLS: Shirkeitha Hunte, Chara Hinds, Zoe Taylor, Nyomi Boxhill

BOYS: Eric Lashley, Niel Skinner, Jack Kelshall, Nathaniel Roach


15-17 Age Group

GIRLS: Rebecca Lashley

BOYS: Keon Jessamy, Matthew Mayers, Kyron Richards, Xavier Straughn



HEAD COACH: Darny Olalde Hernandez

ASSISTANT COACHES: Ancille Inniss, Russell Walton

TEAM MANAGER: Trisha Millar

CHAPERONES: Kathleen Beckles, Anthony Walrond, Gail-Ann Weekes

Bajan Swimmers 5th Overall at CCCAN 2017

Bajan Swimmers 5th Overall at CCCAN 2017

Barbados’ aquatic fraternity can be proud of the stellar performance of our swim team at CCCAN 2017 in Trinidad! The team brought home a total haul of 31 medals (Individual: 9 gold, 8 silver, 10 bronze. Relay: 4 bronze), 1 new CCCAN Record, 1 new National Bdos Record, and 8 new Bdos Age Group Records. Collectively our swim team placed 5th overall, out of a total of 23 Caribbean and Central American countries.

Below is a breakdown of the team’s accomplishments:

11-12 Age Group

Zachary Taylor

  • SILVER in 200m Breast (2:39.54)
  • BRONZE in 50m Breast (34.35)
  • SILVER in 100m Breast (1:14.61)

Kai Trotman

  • BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record in 50m Free (26.65)

Aza Dunwoody

  • Bdos Age Group Record in 50 Fly (30.80)
  • SILVER in 200m Fly (2:34.84)

Keliani Talma

  • BRONZE in 200m Fly (2:35.60)


13-14 Age Group

Nkosi Dunwoody

  • GOLD & Bdos Age Group Record in 200m Breast (2:28.19)
  • SILVER in 400m IM (4:50.97)
  • SILVER in 200m IM (2:16.69
  • GOLD & Bdos Age Group Record in 50m Breast (30.95)
  • SILVER in 100m Breast (1:09.48)

Tristan Pragnell

  • SILVER in 200m Back (2:15.80)

Danielle Titus

  • BRONZE in 50m Back (31.45)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (1:07.21)
  • GOLD in 200m IM (2:28.95)
  • GOLD, CCCAN Record & Bdos Open Record in 200m Back (2:22.39)

Ashley Weekes

  • BRONZE in 100m Breast (1:19.21)


15-17 Age Group

Jack Kirby

  • GOLD in 50m Back (27.23)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (58.12)
  • SILVER in 200m Back (2:08.22)

Luis-Sebastian Weekes

  • BRONZE in 200m IM (2:10.93)
  • BRONZE in 100m Breast (1:06.75)


18 & Over

Alex Sobers

  • BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record in 400m Free (4.00.17)

Christopher Courtis

  • GOLD in 50m Back (26.48)
  • GOLD in 100m Back (57.14)
  • BRONZE in 200m Back (2:09.14)

Lani Cabrera

  • BRONZE in 200m Free (2:10.75)



11-12 Mixed 200m Relay: Bdos Age Group Record (1:53.03) – Z. Taylor, A. Deane, A. Dunwoody, K. Trotman

13-14 Mixed Relays: Bdos Age Group Record (1:49.38) – M. Clarke, D. Titus, A. Weekes, N. Dunwoody

11-12 Girls 400m Freestyle Relay: BRONZE (4:19.38) – A. Deane, K. Talma, K. Renwick, A. Dunwoody)

11-12 Boys 400m Freestyle Relay: Bdos Age Group Record (4:08.66) -C. Pollard, K. Trotman, O.Sealy, Z. Taylor

12-14 Girls 400m Freestyl Relay: BRONZE (4:10.85) – A. Weekes, Z. Gaskin, D. Treasure, D. Titus

11-12 Boys 400m Medley Relay: BRONZE & Bdos Age Group Record (4:35.17) – C. Pollard, Z. Taylor, O. Sealy, K. Trotman

15-17 Boys 400m Medley Relay: BRONZE (4:02.60) – J. Kirby, J. Walrond, L-S. Weekes, D. St.Prix


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