Barbados’ Goodwill Swimmers Grab Top Spots

At the recently concluded 2018 Goodwill Swimming Championships, Barbados was
awarded the Age Group Champion trophy in 4 Age Groups and had several second
and third place finishes.

It would be a clean sweep of the top 3 placements in the 8 & under girls with Heidi
Stoute being the winner, amassing 29 points from the 5 events contested. Second
place would go to Jaiya Simmons with 28 points while Ayobami Leon Barker would
finish in 3 rd with 24 points, tied with Guyana’s Shareefah Lewis.

Nikolai Sisnett with 4 gold medals from 5 events would be the champion of the 8 &
under boys, finishing with 40 points. Second place was a tie between the Bahamas
Maxwell Daniels and Trinidad’s Rylan Thomas, with 28 points each while Tariq
Greenidge of Barbados would finish in 4 th place with 26 points.

Kenyah Deane would be the lone placement for Barbados in the 9-10 age group,
finishing in 3 rd place overall with 42 points. The age group title went to Christanya
Shirley of Jamaica (67 points). Heidi Baker would finish in 4 th place with 22 points.
In the 13-14 age group, Takiyah Weekes was 2 nd overall with 39 points behind
Trinidad’s Isabella Edwards with 48 points while 3 rd place went to Liya Moncur of
the Bahamas. Christopher Pollard and Eli Zerpa would swap gold and silver medal
positions throughout the meet but Pollard’s performance was strong enough to
eventually earn him the title of Age Group champion with 55 points while Zerpa had
to settle for 2 nd place with 50 points.

In the 15-17 age group, Ashley Weekes and Destiny Harding, having medaled
between them in every event contested, were awarded the first and second place
trophies respectively. Weekes’ finished with 63 points while Harding secured 53
points. The 3 rd place went to Trinidad’s Courtney Lawrence with 31 points.
With solid performances all round from the team, Barbados would finish in 2 nd
position with 983 points. The overall winner was Trinidad with 1,242 points while
the Bahamas finished in third with 633.50 points.

Barbados Swim Team for Goodwill Championships Announced

Barbados Swim Team for Goodwill Championships Announced

It’s a full team for Barbados! 

The final qualifying time trials for the upcoming Goodwill Swimming Championships were held last weekend at the Aquatic Centre, and coming out of the Technical Meeting held on Tuesday, the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is pleased to announce the National Team that has been selected and ratified for this regional meet in August.


8 & Under Girls: Jaiya Simmons, Heidi Stoute, Ayobami Leon-Barker, Amiya Harrison

8 & Under Boys: Tariq Greenidge, Nikolai Sisnett, Jacob Gollop, Brennan Watson

9-10 Girls: Kenyah Deane, Heidi Baker, Melanie Walkes, Rylan Marville

9-10 Boys: Jayden Lavine, Jaden Johnson, Matthew DaCosta-Hinds, Joshua Ross

11-12 Girls: Kyla Beckles, Kimberly Griffith, Amelia Mayers, Toni Walrond

11-12 Boys: Storme Collymore, Ethan Roachford, Khaleb Gaskin, Charlie Williams

13-14 Girls: Takiyah Weekes, Chara Hinds, Kayla Renwick, Kayla Smith

13-14 Boys: Christopher Pollard, Eric Lashley, Jake Chee-A-Tow, Elijah Mahy

15-17 Girls: Destiny Harding, Ashley Weekes, Shannan Smith, Shirkeitha Hunte

15-17 Boys: Nathan James, Jalani Blenman, Matthew Mayers, Keon Jessamy

HEAD COACH: Darny Olalde-Hernandez

ASSISTANT COACHES: Ancille Inniss, Henderson Clarke

TEAM MANAGER: Samantha Clarke


The 2018 Goodwill Swimming Championships are being held in Barbados from August 17th – 19th at the Aquatic Centre. We will be welcoming teams, officials and supporters from St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Suriname, Guyana, Grenada & Jamaica, for what promises to be a weekend of keen competition and regional sportsmanship!

BASA’s New Executive for 2018-2020

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) recently held it’s Annual General Meeting at the Barbados Aquatic Centre, and is pleased to announce the election of the following individuals as Officers of the Federation for the 2018 – 2020 period.

PRESIDENT: Mr. Anthony “Tony” Selby

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Mrs. Cicely Chase-Harding

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Mrs. Samantha Clarke

SECRETARY: Mrs. Pamela Mullins

TREASURER: Mrs. Anne-Marie Burke Brewster

Team Barbados for CCCAN 2018

Team Barbados for CCCAN 2018

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is proud to announce our National Swimming Team for the upcoming CCCAN Swimming Championships, to be held in the Aruba June 29th – July 06th, 2018.



11-12 GIRLS: Amelie Baker, Adia Deane, Mill-Jo MacDonald & Adara Stoddard

11-12 BOYS: Omari Sealy

13-14 GIRLS: Aza Dunwoody & Danielle Treasure

13-14 BOYS: Roan Baker, McCallum Clarke, Niel Skinner, Tristan Pragnell

15-17 GIRLS: Danielle Titus

15-17 BOYS: Nkosi Dunwoody, Luis-Sebastian Weekes



Amelie Baker, Girls 12-13



SWIMMING COACHES: Ancille Inniss & Henderson Clarke

TEAM MANGER: Andrea Titus




Barbados Aquatics Team for Carifta 2018

Barbados Aquatics Team for Carifta 2018

The Barbados Amateur Swimming Association is pleased to announce our National Aquatics Team for the upcoming Carifta 2018  Championships, taking place in Jamaica on March 14th until April 4th.



Under 16 Male / Female: Fozlo Brewster, Kayla Smith, Anij Brewster, Adonia Marshall, Jack Trevochka, Rihanna Phillips, Sebastian Mayers, Rheanna Walcott, Sumara Benn, Hannah Trotman, Tyra Alleyne, Kirus Layne, Nevaeh Barnett-Waithe

19 & Under Male: Abijah Beckles, Gabriel Mayers, Tyrese Beckles, Darian Maynard, Christian Best, Xavier Smith-Taylor, Jonathan Bryan, Sebastian Mayers, Nathan James, Darian Trotman, Lamar Mayers, Luke Kelshall, Anij Brewster.

19 & Under Female: Thea Beckles, Nevaeh Barnett-Waithe, Shannan Smith, Adonia Marshall, Amber McKenzie, SaraSpringer, Tyra Alleyne, Sumara Benn, Kayla Smith, Destiny Bain-Sonny,  Rowena Williams, Suann Spencer, Rihanna Phillips.

Coaches: Ryan Ford, Akeem Nurse, Natalia Parris

Official Referee: Luke St. John

Team Manager: Wayne Beckles

Team Chaperone: Juliet Springer



11-12 Girls: Amelie Baker, Adia Deane, Milli-Jo MacDonald & Adara Stoddard

11-12 Boys: Omari Sealy

13-14 Girls: Aza Dunwoody, Keilani Talma, Danielle Treasure & Zahra Gaskin,

13-14 Boys: Roan Baker, McCallum Clarke, Niel Skinner & Tristan Pragnell

15-17 Girls: Danielle Titus, Kyra MacDonald

15-17 Boys: Nkosi Dunwoody, Jack Kirby, Luis Sebastian Weekes & Jumar Walrond

Head Coach: Darny Olalde Hernandez

Assistant Coach: Ancille Inniss

Team Manager: Andrea Titus

Team Chaperone:  Merville Sealy



14-15 Girls: Danielle Clarke, Chara Hinds & Kayla Renwick

14-15 Boys: Eric Lashley & Niel Skinner

16-18 Girls: Shirkeitha Hunte & Ashley Weekes

16- 18 Boys: Nkosi Dunwoody

Head Coach: Darny Olalde Hernandez

Assistant Coach: Ancille Inniss

Team Manager: Samantha Clarke

Team Chaperonne: Matthew Lashley



13-15 Girls: Samaiyah  Forde, Gracie Foster, Nia Morris & Hailey Mahy

15-18 Girls: Erica Loustric

Head Coach: Kiera Bloom

Team Manager: Simone Morris

UANA Team Set to Compete

UANA Team Set to Compete

The Barbados Team taking part in the upcoming inaugural UANA Swimming Cup in Coral Springs, Florida are making final preparations for what should prove to be an exciting start to the 2018 season of competition. The UANA Cup features a dual meet between the twelve National Federation members of CONSANAT and the twenty-eight National Federation members of CCCAN, with athletes scoring points for their regional associations. The rivalries created by this concept will undoubtedly bring spirit and enthusiasm, as well as outstanding performances in the pool.

Representing Team Barbados are:

11-12 Age Group: Adia Deane & Omari Sealy

13-14 Age Group: Aza Dunwoody, Keilani Talma, Danielle Treasure, Zahra Gaskin, Roan Baker, McCallum Clarke, Tristan Prangell, Kai Trotman & Neil Skinner

15-17 Age Group: Danielle Titus, McKayla Treasure, Nkosi Dunwoody, Jack Kirby, Luis-Sebastian Weekes & Damon St. Prix.

Head Coach: Aisha Norville; Assistant Coach: Ancille Inniss, Team Manager: Andrea Titus; Chaperone: Deborah Talma

This week the Barbados team accepted a generous donation of fleece jackets and pants from our corporate friends at Paints Plus, and we extend a special “thank you” to Mr. Kyle Smith and the management of the company for their support.


The team will leave Barbados on Wednesday morning and the meet takes place from January 19th – 21st. We wish them all the best of luck!!


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