2017 BASA Open Water Classic

2017 BASA Open Water Classic

Despite the windy conditions, swimmers got to enjoy a bright and sunny morning of swimming in Carlisle Bay, for the 2017 BASA Open Water Classic 5K and 1.25K races.

17 competitors participated in the 5K race, including CCCAN open water swimmers Nathaniel Roach, Eric Lashley & Danielle Clarke. Young Nathaniel & Eric led the men the entire race, and were first to hit the board at the end with times of 1:10.17 and 1:10.23 respectively. Danielle was the first female to cross the finish line with a time of 1:18.15.

In the 1.25K race a total of 50 swimmers took to the crystal blue waters of Carlisle Bay. On the men’s side the pack was led the entire race by the foursome of Luis-Sebastian Weekes, Jack Kirby, Nkosi Dunoody and Karsten Marsten, who subsequently finished in that same order (15.56, 16.05, 16.08, & 16.22) . The ladies were brought home by Danielle Treasure in a time of 19.59, with Takiyah Weekes (20.08) & CCCAN open water swimmer Amelie Baker (20.09) taking second and third respectively.

Here are the complete age group results and times for the day’s events.


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CCCAN 2017 – The Barbadian team has been announced!

CCCAN 2017 – The Barbadian team has been announced!

BASA is pleased to announce that the 2017 aquatic sport teams representing Barbados at CCCAN have been confirmed. Below is the list of athletes selected for the swimming, open water, synchronized swimming and water polo teams. CCCAN is being held in Trinidad from June 28 – July 3, 2017. We wish all of our teams the very best of luck!




Lani Cabrera (18 & over)

McKayla Treasure (15-17)

Danielle Titus (13-14)

Ashley Weekes (13-14)

Danielle Treasure (13-14)

Zahra Gaskin (13-14)

Aza Dunwoody (11.-12)

Keilani Talma (11-12)

Adia Deane (11-12)

Kayla Renwick (11-12)



Alex Sobers (18 & over)

Christopher Courtis (18 & over)

Jack Kirby (15-17)

Luis Sebastian Weekes (15-17)

Damon St. Prix (15-17)

Jumar Walrond (15-17)

Nkosi Dunwoody (13-14)

McCallum Clarke (13-14)

Tristan Pragnell (13-14)

Roan Baker (13-14

Christopher Pollard (11-12)

Zachary Taylor (11-12)

Omari Sealy (11-12)

Kai Trotman (11-12)


HEAD COACH: Darny Olalde Hernandez

ASSISTANT COACH: Antonio Martinez-Petrolanda

TEAM MANAGER: Andrea Titus

CHAPERONE: Merville Sealy




Amelie Baker (12-13 women)



Danielle Clarke (14-17 women)

Rebecca Lashley (14-17 women)

Eric Lashley (14-17 men)

Nathaniel Roach (14-17 men)


COACH: Aisha Norville

TEAM MANAGER: Samantha Clarke

CHAPERONE: Matthew Lashley



Gracie Foster (11-12 solo, routine & figures)

Erika Loustic (13-15 solo, routine & figures)


HEAD COACH: Kiera Bloom





James Edghill

Britain Ellis

Shane Evelyn

Andre Ferdinand

Russell Broome-Webster

Gabriel Mayers

Adrian Cummins

Akeem Nurse

Stanley Brooker

Ryan Forde

Gabriel Mayers

Liam Manning

Cary Banfield



Abijah Beckles

Nathan James

Lamar Mayers

Gabriel Mayers

Jonathan Bryan

Dave Searles

Anij Brewster

Luke Kelshall

Xavier Smith-Taylor

Darien Maynard

Tyrese Beckles


HEAD COACH: Ryan Forde


Carifta 2017

Carifta 2017

The Barbados Team for Carifta 2017 in the Bahamas did our island proud, with an overall medal haul of 12 Golds, 16 Silvers and 11 Bronze medals from the pool, and 1 silver medal in the Open Water 5K! Below is a breakdown of the medals & records earned:

11-12 Age Group
Keilani Talma – Silver 200 Fly
Aza Dunwoody – Bronze 200 Fly
Zachary Taylor – Bronze 200 Breaststroke; Silver 100m Backstroke; Bronze 100m Breaststroke; Silver 200m Backstroke;
Christopher Pollard – Bronze 100m Butterfly; Gold 200m Butterfly; Bronze 200m Backstroke
Zachary Taylor, Christopher Pollard, Kai Trotman and Omari Sealy – Silver 4 x100M Medley Relay
Keilani Talma, Aza Dunwoody, Ti-Juana Welch, Adia Deane – Silver 4 x 100M Medley Relay
13-14 Age Group
Danielle Titus – Silver 50m Backstroke; Gold 100m Backstroke; Gold 400m IM; Gold 200m IM; Gold 200m Backstroke
Nksoi Dunwoody – Gold 200m Breaststroke; Gold 50m Breaststroke; Gold 400m IM; Gold 200m IM; Gold 100m Breaststroke
Roan Baker – Silver 400m IM
Tristan Pragnell – Bronze 100m Backstroke; Gold 200m Backstroke
Nkosi Dunwoody, Tristan Pragnell, Roan Baker and McCallum Clarke – Bronze 4 x 200M Freestyle relay
15-17 Age Group
Hannah Gill – Gold 800m Freestyle; Bronze 200m Freestyle; Silver 400m Freestyle
Jack Kirby – Silver 50m Backstroke; Silver 100m Backstroke; Bronze 200m IM; Silver 200m Backstroke
Luis Sebastian Weekes – Bronze 200m Breaststroke; Silver 400m IM; Silver 200m IM; Silver 200m Fly
Jack Kirby, Luis Sebastian Weekes, Damon St. Prix and Kobi Talma – Silver 4 x 100M Freestyle Relay, Silver 4 x 100M Medley Relay, Bronze 4 x 200M Freestyle Relay
Open Water 5K
Eric Lashley  (14-15 Boys) Bronze 
Carifta Age Group Champions
Nkosi Dunwoody – Boys 13-14 Age Group Winner 48 Points
Carifta Records
Danielle Titus: 13 – 14 Girls 100M Backstroke (1:05.61)
Age Group Records
Danielle Titus: 13 – 14 Girls 100M Backstroke (1:05.61)
Nkosi Dunwoody: 13 – 14 Boys 50M Breastroke (31.04)
Jack Kirby: 15-17 Boys 50M Backstroke (27.08)
Jack Kirby, Luis-Sebastian Weekes, Damon St. Prix and Kobi Talma: 15-17 Boys 4 x 100M Medley Relay (4:02.39)
Barbados National Open Record
Danielle Titus: 13 – 14 Girls 100M Backstroke (1:05.61)
Barbados Olympic Association 2016 Awards

Barbados Olympic Association 2016 Awards

The Barbados Olympic Association recently held their Annual Award Ceremony at the Barbados Hilton, to honour the performances of our nation’s most outstanding athletes for 2016. These awards saw 3 national junior swimmers recognized for their achievements in the sport, and we offer our heartiest congratulations to Olympic Swimmer Alex Sobers, for being selected as the Junior Male Athlete of the Year. We would also like to congratulation junior swimmers Nkosi Dunwoody and Ashley Weekes for coping the awards for 2016 Champion Swimmers, male and female, at the BOA sponsored 50th Anniversary Independence Games, held in December 2016.

To quote the words of world-renowned track and field athlete Mr. Carl Lewis (the keynote speaker at the awards ceremony),

“Set those goals, make sure it’s about being the best that you can be, be accountable for what you want to do, put yourself out there, put yourself on what you want to be, let people know how great you want to be, what you want to achieve and then demand the people around you to help you get there because it is a tough challenge,”

Ashley Weekes

Nkosi Dunwoody   

Photographs courtesy Barbados Olympic Association.



3rd Annual Barbados Open Invitational Water Polo Tournament begins

3rd Annual Barbados Open Invitational Water Polo Tournament begins

Competition water polo splashes off at the Aquatic Centre on Friday 12th August at 8:15 a.m. when the 3rd Annual Barbados Open Invitational Water Polo Tournament begins. The Barbados Sharks will start the excitement as they clash with Army West Point. This should be an interesting battle between the warm-water sharks and the military from the north.

Three games will be played in the morning session. The Asphalt Green from New York will challenge the Utah Water Polo Club and the Dynamo/Titanes , a combined team from New York and Columbia, will clash with Army West Point. Games will continue in the afternoon starting at 5:30 p.m. The Official Opening Ceremony will take place at 6:30p.m. at the Aquatic Centre.

Seven games will be played on Saturday with the morning session starting at 9:30 a.m. and the evening session at 5:30 p.m. Medal games will be played on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. The Grand finale of the tournament will be an All Star beach game at the Barbados Cruising Club. This beach game is considered the highlight for the visiting teams since they do not normally play water polo in the sea. It is a novel idea and one that caps the end of each tournament. For the locals this area, north of The Radisson’s jetty is the birthplace of water polo in Barbados.

Asphalt Green played in the tournament last year and immediately confirmed their intent to return. This is the first visit for the Utah Water Polo Club, the Army West Point and the Dynamo/Titanes. This year two FINA accredited referees will run the tournament, Mr Valeriy Vasilchikov and Mr. Has Ortega. The tournament is expected to be very competitive and entertaining. A donation of at least $5 per session or $20 for the weekend would be appreciated. Awards will take place immediately after the beach game.

Meet Barbados’ 2016 Olympic Swimmers – Alex Sobers

Meet Barbados’ 2016 Olympic Swimmers – Alex Sobers


Alex started competitive swimming in 2007 at the annual Aquatic Center International at the age of eight. He was still a novice swimmer, as a couple weeks before he was still enrolled in the “learn to swim” program; however Alex adapted very quickly and made his presence felt from then on. In 2008 he made the 9-10 boys Goodwill Team to represent Barbados, which was held in Guyana. He found the competition a bit challenging as he was up against more seasoned swimmers, but this all fueled him to train harder as he was determined to win an individual race in upcoming competitions. He won his first medal at the BASA SC Nationals in December 2008, and this set a thirst for more and to be better and improve his times. Alex first major trophy came at the 18th Annual Aquatic Center International in 2009 where he was awarded 9-10 age group Champion. He also won that award again in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2011 he qualified to be part of the Carfita Swim Team held in Barbados, winning gold in the 200 butterfly, and hearing the National Anthem playing in front of your home crowd for the first time was a special moment. Along the way there were many other age group titles, and medals. 2014 was Alex’s first taste of international competition at the Short Course World Championships held in Qatar. This was an eye opener, as the best swimmers in the world were there and he was able to meet his idol, Ryan Lochte. In 2015 once he realized he had a realistic chance of qualifying for the Rio Olympics his training scheduled increased to a high and demanding level, at times with him wanting to give up. However with motivation from his coaches and parents he continued. At one point he thought that swimming under the four minute barrier was beyond him. When it finally came at the CISC championships in Bahamas he was relieved to say the least.

Alex will compete in the 400m Freestyle at the 2016 Olympic Games.

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