The Open Water Festival is open to Swimmers, Stand Up Paddlers & Kayakers of all skill levels from Elite to Recreational. We had two Open Water Swim festivals in 2013. Our Inaugural event was on July 6th and the second was on Sunday October 27th. The 1.5km swim and the 5km swims start at 9am. In addition there will be other water sports activities (see details below), a beach barbeque, open bar and DJ music. There are also many great prizes to be won.

Both the 1.5km and 5km Swim races will consist of the following groups:

  1. Masters group for swimmers 25 years old and up (Male & Female separate), there are 8 different age groups (see prizes page for details).
  2. Open group for swimmers up to 24 years old (Male & Female separate), there are 6 different age groups (see prizes page for details).
  3. The ‘Just for Fun’ 1.5km only Swim event was created for Swimmers who want the excitement of participating but are not interested in the race. These swimmers can use flippers and other approved swimming aids. We will award random prizes for swimmers in this group. No official times will be recorded for ‘Just for Fun’ group swimmer.