ZABRINA HOLDER went under the minute in the 100 SCM freestyle for the first time on Day 3 of last night’s CAVE SHEPHERD & CO LIMTED SHORT COURSE NATIONAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011. Holder erased the 15 year old record established by Natalie Crump in 1996 lowering it from 59.94 to 58.88 for a new 13-14 challenge. Holder’s record was among the 5 more records which fell by the wayside on Day 3 of the CAVE SHEPHERD & CO LIMITED SHORT COURSE NATIONAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP.

On this occasion AMARA GIBBS & SARIYAH SHERRY joined the ranks of the trend setters and set one new mark each among them. Sherry lowered Zabrina Holder’s 11-12 age group mark established in 2009 in the 100 SCM freestyle to 1:01.10 and Gibbs erased her own record in the 50 SCM backstroke set last year to 31.08 for new records in the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups respectively.

DANIELLE TITUS continued her record breaking rampage and in the 100 SCM freestyle refined her own record in the girls’ 8 & under to 1:12.76. DAMON ST PRIX in likewise fashion set a new mark in the boys’ 9-10 in the 100 SCM backstroke erasing Jack Kirby’s record of 1:14.00 set in 2011 to rewrite this event’s new goal to 1:11.35. This brings the records established so far to 11 with three more days to go in the Championships.