DESTINY HARDING took gold in both of the events contested by the 8 & under girls on the 4th day of THE CAVE SHEPHERD & CO LTD SHORT COURSE NATIONAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP 2010. Harding snatched the top spot from Charise Mason in the 200 SCM freestyle event posting 2:48.07 for the gold while Mason finished .23 splits later in 2:48.33. Danielle Titus took the bronze in 2:53.32. Harding claimed another victory in the 50 SCM breaststroke with a time of 46:85, leaving both Ashley Weekes and Danielle Titus to fight for the second spot which was eventually taken by Weekes in 51:18 and Titus the 3rd sport in 51:37. Nathan James and Ajani Yarde were the top boys in these events for the 8 & under boys. James won the 200SCM freestyle in 3:08.94. Lamar Mayers and Charlie Jenkins finished 3rd & 4th in 3:09.47 and 3:13.89. A different line up took place in the 50 SCM breaststroke with Ajani Yarde cracking though the competition to grab gold in the 50 SCM breaststroke in 49:59, Nkosi Dunwoody in 51:86 for the silver and Nathan James in 52:29 for the bronze medal.

The 9-10 girls and boys competed in the 400 SCM freestyle and 50 SCM backstroke on Day 4. After a few laps of synchronised swimming Tiffany Titus pulled away from Hannah Gill to win in 4:59.51; Gill came home in 5:03.29 and Kendi Bynoe in 5:52.26 for the bronze. Damon St Prix, yet to be beaten in this meet won both events for the boys. In the 400 SCM freestyle his time was 5:13.88 for the gold medal, Weekes was in second place with 5:20.53 and the much improved Mullins took the third spot in 5:21.26. In the 50 SCM backstroke St Prix was the winner again in 35:42, Jack Kirby moved up to second spot in 36:69 and Luis Sebastian Weekes settled for 3rd place in 37:75. In a nail biting swim in the 400 SCM freestyle between Sariyah Sherry and Kimberley Willoughby which saw positions frequently changing, the score was finally settled by Sherry taking the gold in 4:37.01, Willoughby the silver in 4:37.38 and the bronze went to Ahlea Williams in 4:59.73. Christian Selby continued his attach on Damian Alleyne’s freestyle records and this time deposed the 400 SCM record posting a new time of 4:16.44, .22 splits of a second lower than the previous record. He returned in the 200 SCM butterfly, this time to reckon with Nicholas Mayers’ record, reducing it to 2:25.54 from 2:27.64 posted in 1996. In the 50 SCM breaststroke Raymond Edwards’ record became the target and this was sent to the archives with a new time of 33:99 established by Selby gaining vengeance over Akeem Nurse who out swam him in the Powerade Secondary Schools’ Championship in this event for the gold. Nurse was second on this occasion in 35:67 and Manning 3rd in 36:31.

The Girls’ 13-14 was again dominated by Zabrina Holder who posted two age group and women’s open national records in the 400 SCM freestyle and in the 200 SCM butterfly events. Veteran freestyler Natalie Crump’s 400 SCM record of 4:30.86 was laid to rest as Holder posted a new time of 4:27.77 which also deposed Lani Cabrera’s women open record of 4:29.56 now rewritten by Holder. Amara Gibbs finished in 4:33.86 for the silver and Rebecca Clarke in 4:50.78 for the bronze. Holder served another double wammie in the 200 SCM butterfly when Emma Hatcher’s age group record established in 1997 was made history, the new record of 2:20.34 was posted by Holder, 11 seconds lower than the previous age group record and splits lower than Marsha Watson’s open record of 2:20.76. Gibbs touched the wall in 2:22.26 for the silver and Crystal Jordan Browne finished 3rd in 2:37.23. Holder again won the 50 M breaststroke event in 38:11 leaving Lanielle Weekes’ record of 34.77 posted in 1996 standing . Jason Cummins was the gold medal winner in the 400 SCM freestyle for the 13-14 boys in 4:49.29, but it was Gabrielle Gunby who surged to the top in the 50 SCM breaststroke to take gold in 33:48. Joshua Coles held on to the second spot in both events with 4:52.20 and 35.41 respectively and Eric Taylor finished with the bronze observing a similar pattern with 5:09.23 and 38:64.

Senior swimming registered the gold medal performances of 15-17 Russell Oliver’s 5:06.80, 18-24 Marsha Watson’s 5:02.73 in the 400 SCM event and Raymond Edwards’ 31:57 in the 50 SCM breaststroke. Zhane Padmore won gold in the 50 M breaststroke in 36.79 for the 15-17 girls, Lee-Ann Rose, silver in 39.56 and Nathania Jules, bronze in 41.29. Zachary Foster was the gold medal winner in the 50 SCM breaststroke for the 15-17 boys in 35:58, conceding the 2nd spot to Russell Oliver in 34.65 and the bronze to Christopher Smith in 40.20.