Amidst the fine performances characterising the Cave Shepherd & Co Limited Short Course National Swimming Championship this year, The Assistant General Secretary of the BOA, Mr Cameron Burke, lauded the performances of veteran swimmer, now retired, Nicholas Neckles, Bradley Ally and Raymond Edwards for their positive contributions to sports in Barbados and sounded them out as excellent examples to be emulated in his remarks at the opening ceremony of the competition. His remarks did not fall on disinterested ears as Day 2 performances contributed 4 more records to the pot as the swimmers improve upon past performances set by their predecessors. It was AMARA GIBBS this time who added her name to the ‘hall of performances’ in the 50 SCM backstroke when she posted 31:45 to erase Keione Rayside’s record of 31:98 established 12 years ago in 1998. The 200 SCM IM record for 11-12 boys was rewritten by CHRISTIAN SELBY as he continued his attack on both Bradley and Damian Alleyne’s records in this age group. Selby stopped the clock at 2:21.36 reducing Ally’s record by 2 seconds which he had posted in 1999.

Shaving 18 and 16 seconds off respectively from the old 400 SCM IM record in two fine exciting performances finishing with only .57 split seconds between them ZABRINA HOLDER in 5:04.14 and GIBBS in 5:04.91 destroyed the previous age group record of 5:19.05, a mark set by Lani Cabrera in 2007. But it is Holder who is now the current record holder and her time also established a new women’s open mark for 400 SCM IM swimming. SARIYAH SHERRY ‘s time in the 100 M freestyle event of 1:01.64 was a near miss of the record 1:01.20. In that event KIMBERLEY WILLOUGHBY finished in second place 1:02.90 and AHLEA WILLIAMS third with 1:07.14. CHRISTIAN SELBY also came close to Martyn Forde’s existing record in the 100 M freestyle when he finished in 56.54. Martyn Forde’s record continue to stand at 56.44.

Another close exciting finish was witnessed in the 100 M free between arch rivals HANNAH GILL and TIFFANY TITUS of the girls’ 9-10. Gill finished in 1:07.15 for the gold medal out touching Titus by .02 splits of a second who finished in 1:07.17 for the silver. While DAMON ST PRIX was the clear winner in this event in a time of 1:06.78, JACK KIRBY and KENT MULLIN were in contention for the second spot when it was finally settled by Kirby reaching the finish line in 1:09.71 to Mullins 1:09.76 for the silver and bronze medals respectively. In the boys’ 13-14 race of the 50 M backstroke JOSHUA COLES, KYLE HOLDER CALLENDER and GABRIEL GUNBY all made it to the wall in 32 seconds but the splits decided the positioning. Coles took the gold in 32:53, Holder-Callender the silver in 32.86 and Gunby the bronze in 32:99.

The competition continues through Sunday.