HAVE YOU EVER WITNESSED WATER CATCH FIRE! Well no since water is used as the extinguishing element but with 8 records devoured on Day 2 of swimming in the CAVE SHEPHERD & CO LTD SHORT COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP this phenomenon was evident as swimmers created a blaze of ripples in the swimming pool at the Aquatic Centre.

ZABRINA HOLDER led the record breaking frenzy with 4 records. In the 100 SCM butterfly she lowered Simone Kirton’s 14 year old record by 4 seconds to post 1:03.57 for the 13-14 age group record after a fight to the finish with team mate Amara Gibbs who also went under the old record to post 1:03.77 with .20 splits of a second being the difference in times. Holder also became the new women’s open record holder for the 100 SCM butterfly event when this performance also erased Leah Martindale’s record of 1:03.87 established 15 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. Not resting on her laurels Holder returned in the 200 SCM freestyle event to repeat this feat. This time, to settle the score with Natalie Crump’s record from 1996 reducing it to 2:08.31 establishing a new mark in her age group as well as a new mark in the women’s open category.

CHRISTIAN SELBY blazed the record breaking trail for the male end of the pool. His contribution was three records on Day 2. Thomas Cross’ record of 1:05.19 in the 100 SCM butterfly sitting since 1995 was eliminated and the new mark was reset by Selby for the 11-12 boys at 1:03.59, 2 seconds lower. 2:02.04 was established as the new mark for the 200 SCM free when Damian Alleyne’s 14 year old record of 2:03.75 was consumed in the fire at the Aquatic Centre. Selby emerged as the new record holder after this swim. Returning at the end of the evening’s session in a time trial in the 400 SCM IM he shaved 14 seconds off his old record of 5:16.38 to stop the clock at 5:02.94 in an amazing swim to post a new national age group 13-14 boys’ record.

But it was 8 year old DESTINY HARDING who started the record fire ball rolling at the commencement of Day 2. In the 50 SCM butterfly event she romped home in 38:27 to lower Amara Gibbs old record time of 39:28 established in 2005 ahead of team mate Charise Mason who finished in second place in 40:71. The 8 & under boys’ event was taken by Charlie Jenkins in 45:86. Lamar Mayers and Nkosi Dunwoody fought for the second spot- as the times indicate- stopping the clock in 46:17 and 46.21. In the girls’ 200 SCM free event it was a close race to the finish with Sariyah Sherry extinguishing the fire and eventually finishing first ahead of Kimberley Willoughby barely missing the record by .39 splits of a second to post 2:12.53 to Willoughby’s 2:12.82 for the silver medal with .29 splits separating the two performances.

Damon St Prix, Luis Sebastian Weeks, Kent Mullins and Jack Kirby of the boys’ 9-10 continue to provide entertaining swimming in this age group when they competed in the 50 SCM butterfly and 200 SCM freestyle events. St Prix eventually took the gold in both events in 33:66 and 2:28.10 but the fight for second place in the 50 M butterfly between Mullins and Weekes resulted in split seconds separating the performances of 34:59 and 34.87 for the silver and bronze respectively and in a similar fashion the race between Weekes and Kirby in the 200 SCM freestyle was executed posting in 2:32.27 and 2:32.35. Equally the 9-10 girls’ races saw a battle for supremacy between Tiffany Titus and Hannah Gill especially in the 200 SCM freestyle which ended with Titus taking the gold in 2:23.43 and Gill the silver in 2:27.11. The line up for the 50 SCM butterfly event saw Gill and Kendi Bynoe in a battle for second spot with the latter finishing in second place in 39:22 and Gill settling for the bronze in 39:54. Titus was again the gold medal winner in 35:35.

Day three of swimming will take place tonight with the 200 M IM for age groups 9 & over, 100 M freestyle for all age groups and the 50 M backstroke for seniors. The competition begins t 6:00 PM.